Recruiting: A Great Entry-Level Career Opportunity

January 18th, 2013 by Lynx, Inc.

Beginning your career at a recruiting agency can be a great way to work in an exciting field, learn a lot, make great connections, and potentially earn a lot of money. Here at Lynx, we’ve got a lot of business on our plate, and we’re looking to add several entry-level members to our recruiting team over the next few months. Maybe one of them could be you!
We look for bright, motivated, energetic new grads who love building relationships with people, and who want to work in a fast-paced, sales-oriented environment.
Here at Lynx, we take mentoring seriously. The skills you learn here could translate into success in many other types of business. Here are just some of the things you can expect to learn and gain experience with by joining us:
• How to perform basic research to create a list of viable business prospects
• How to build rapport in a business transaction with someone who’s older and more experienced than you
• How to network effectively
• How to interview someone thoroughly
• How to uncover needs and translate those into business solutions
• Gain a solid knowledge of the Boston hi-tech community
• Get an overview understanding of many exciting software technologies
• How to be proactive and have a sense of urgency
• How to structure your time to get the most out of it
• How to be confident in a wide range of business situations
• How to persuade people to take action without being pushy
• How to effectively express your ideas

Why work at a big company and be just another cog in the machine, when you could work here at Lynx and get a ton of individualized attention to help build your business and life skills?

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