Clients: How Well Do You Communicate with your Recruiter?

“Being open and straightforward with your recruiter is essential for this partnership to work” - Most people would assume that this statement only pertains to the candidates that we represent.   However, this is just as equally important for our clients as well.

It is important for clients to disclose all relevant information regarding a position, whether it’s the first conversation or throughout the entire process. Providing as much information to the recruiter is essential since our ultimate goal is helping you find the best fit for your company’s culture and fulfill the position with the perfect candidate.

Believe it or not, one of the biggest factors to help us in our searches is your feedback.   Whether it’s feedback on the candidates resume or why a candidate did not make it to the next face to face interview round.  When I send a candidate to a client, I am confident that they are a great fit for the position as well as the organization. Conversely, if the client is not interested in meeting with the candidate, or after a first round interview only states, “pass,” it is doing us both a disservice since we do not know the specifics as to why the candidate was not a match.

We know and understand how busy everyone gets during the day and this simple step would make it possible for me, as your recruiter, to not waste anyone’s time by sending in similar candidates to the ones that didn’t make it.  Even if the candidate is passed on or rejected for not being the right cultural fit, it still helps us to know “why” so when we meet with other candidates for the role we will have an idea of who may be or not be a good fit.

Important factors for the recruiter to know when finding you the perfect candidate –  knowledge of the company/organization, type of working atmosphere, its culture, the position and what important candidate qualifications are you looking for.  That’s why communication is a key factor in finding you the right candidate.