Lynx Attends Mass TLC Big Data Summit

I attended the Mass Technology Leadership Council’s very informative Big Data Summit this morning at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge. It was an extremely interesting morning of speakers and Q&A panel sessions. It was also a great networking opportunity, and we caught up with quite a number of clients, candidates and other connections from the Boston software community.

It’s clear that Boston has become one of the biggest hotbeds of innovation and talent in the universe of big data. The number of companies in the immediate area that are looking at data management, analytics, data-driven applications etc. is in the hundreds, and growing rapidly. One of the speakers quipped that “chaff is the new wheat” … and it’s true. The amount of data being generated in the present day is mind-boggling, and the challenges of extracting meaningful insights from this data are extreme.

This tsunami of data-driven activity creates challenges in the three dimensions of Volume, Velocity, and Variety, and more importantly, some enormous opportunities for the Boston area in employment growth. According to Mass TLC, “we see clear potential to more than double employment by Big Data vendors, adding more than 15,000 employees in-state by 2018.” Furthermore, it’s very exciting that many jobs will be created, not so much by the Big Data vendors themselves, but outside, by the data consumers in life sciences, healthcare, manufacturing, finance and so forth.

Lynx has strong expertise in recruiting for Big Data professionals. Whether you represent a company seeking to attract top technical talent to realize your Big Data vision, or you’re seeking to open doors in Big Data for yourself as a candidate, contact us today. We’d love to work with you.