Thirty Reasons to Look for a New Technology Job Now

The Boston job market for good technology professionals is very strong … better than it’s been in a dozen years. Have you benchmarked your current job recently against what other opportunities might be available to you?

Here are just a some of the things you might be able to improve upon by working for your next company:

  1. Greater technical challenge
  2. Better boss
  3. Shorter commute
  4. More money
  5. Stock options, equity, ownership
  6. More responsibility
  7. More reasonable hours
  8. Better work environment
  9. Less stress
  10. More stability
  11. Better benefits
  12. Smarter colleagues
  13. More people using and seeing your work
  14. More interesting work
  15. Faster growing company
  16. Promotion
  17. Leadership and management opportunities
  18. Tuition reimbursement
  19. More flexibility
  20. Better vacation time
  21. Learn a new programming language
  22. Improve your resume with more marketable technology
  23. Better location
  24. You’re bored
  25. More meaningful work
  26. Faster career growth
  27. Stronger leadership team
  28. Market segment is growing faster
  29. You feel undervalued, underappreciated, underused
  30. Be more passionate about what you’re doing

If any of these apply to you, don’t settle for a less than ideal situation. Please contact us at Lynx if you’d like a very low-pressure, consultative approach to finding the ideal next job opportunity. We have a knowledgeable, experienced, well-connected team that would love to get to know you.